AQC 2018

The Asian Quizzing Championships (AQC) 2018 will be held on 02 December 2018, 9:00am to 3:00pm, at the Royal Selangar Club, Bukit Kiara.

Register with Mr Movin Miranda through our Facebook page @asianquizzing!


AQC 2017 Offsite Chapter @ Kochi

About 40 quizzers making up 11 teams were at Ledhi Art Cafe in Kochi on 09 Dec 2017, to enjoy an offsite chapter of the AQC 2017. Proctor Aravind Anil shared these results with us. Congratulations to the winners. 

Individual Medals.
City Winner: Rithwik Kambil – 82 points.

2nd: Gigi George – 64
3rd: Jis John Sebastian – 60 (won on tie – breakers)
(Abhijeet Balakrishnan also scored 60, but tie was resolved by considering the total score)
College category topper: Amal Mathew James (IIT Bhubaneshwar) – 35 pts
School category topper: Nandana Sony (Bhavans Vidya Mandir) – 34 pts
Team placings:
Winner: Rithwik Kambil, Abhijeet Balakrishnan, Anand Rajagopal – 210 pts
Runners up: Pro-skilled DPFK – Amal Mathew James, Yeldho Shem Mathew, Harishankar Anil, Jerry Peter – 115 pts

AQC 2017: Offsite Chapter @ Ahmedabad

Six teams of quizzers at Ahmedabad enjoyed themselves in their own offsite edition of the AQC 2017! Proctor Jalaj Maheshwari shared this feedback with us:

You will be pleased to know that there were innumerable times when they banged the desk (a common practice when the question is liked by all).

…the spirit of the game was 101. Thank you for making another Sunday fun for us at Ahmedabad and elsewhere.

We’re just banging the desk right here to hear you had a great time.


Results of the AQC 2017

Congratulations to the 36 participants at this year’s AQC 2017 for undertaking a six hour quiz! This year’s quiz comprised even more questions than previous runs of the AQC. Here are the results:


Champion  India WALTWO (606.5 points)
Arun Hiregange, Rajiv Rai, Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa
Runner up Australia (Gold) (534 points) Ross Evans,  Mick Logue, Gordon McGregor, Rick Bakker
Second runner up Singapore (Red) (518 points) Caleb Liu, Jake Jacobs, Ravi Avva, Vikram Balasubramaniam

Individual (Overall)

Champion Arun Hiregange (India) (103 points)
Runner up Thejaswi Udupa (India) (102 points)
Second runner up Ravi Avva (Singapore) (99 points)

Individual (Category)

World Ross Evans (Australia) & Arun Hiregange (India) (15 points)
History Ngeow Wu Tien (Malaysia) (19 points)
Sports Arun Hiregange (India) (16 points)
Lifestyle Rajiv Rai (India) (15.5 points)
Media Arun Hiregange (India) & Thejaswi Udupa (India) (17 points)
Culture Nicholas Chong (Malaysia) (20 points)
Entertainment Thejaswi Udupa (India) (16 points)
Science Anustup Datta (India) (18 points)

Thank you to all participants for supporting AQC 2017. Appreciation goes to the organizing team who managed the logistics, led by Movin, Sonia and Nicole Miranda, with their friends.

If you are interested to hold an offsite chapter outside of Singapore, please contact Movin Miranda for details.

We look forward to seeing you at AQC 2018. More details to follow!